The Bubble Fundraiser

Meet The Bubble, the Cocoa-Nut, the Po-Tay-To, Bubbles the Pillow Pibble.
She's a 9yo red nose pittie that we rescued almost 9 years ago when we had 2 other dogs. They've since passed, and Bubbles has really blossomed since becoming an only dog.
One morning earlier this year, as we were getting ready for work, Bubbles wasn't acting quite right. She was too weak to jump up on the bed, and she wouldn't eat her breakfast. So, instead of going to work, I took her to the E-Vet.
They determined that she had a ruptured tumor on her spleen that was bleeding into her abdomen. We lost one of our previous dogs to that, and we were so scared that we were facing this again.
We were given the option to remove her spleen and the tumor or put her to sleep. The problem was that this was a VERY expensive surgery, and if the tumor was cancerous, we may only prolong her life by a couple of weeks. But, if it was benign, the surgery was curative. There was no way of knowing without the surgery, and typically, these tumors are not benign. The one good thing was that she was remaining fairly stable most of the day while we shuttled her back and forth to vet hospitals, while with our other dog, we last her in a matter of a couple of hours. Even with that, I still didn't know what to do until I talked with my husband, who was crying, and he said, "we have to save my little buddy." I knew right then that I had to find the money for the surgery. The what-ifs would have been so much worse than trying to come up with the money to do the surgery.
In the end, it was worth it, even if the tumor had been cancerous because we at least knew we tried. But it was benign, and she's back to being happy and healthy.
During that ordeal, some of my friends, who were also her fans, asked to donate towards the surgery. I'm not one to do those types of fundraisers, so I said I'd do a soap sale to help raise money. Half of this year, I didn't get any soap made, which is the cause for the delay. I'm stocked up now! So that's what this fundraiser is all about.