Where do you ship to? 
We ship to all U.S. states and territories. Sorry, we don't currently offer international shipping. 

Who do you ship with?
We currently use USPS and UPS for all shipping.

Do you offer other options?
We use the most cost effective option available. If you are local we also offer delivery to the cities of Vallejo, Benicia and Napa for $5.

Why is shipping so expensive?
We've done our best to lower shipping costs as much as possible and we've eliminated our handling fee for the cost of our shipping supplies. 

What shipping materials do you use? 
We are phasing out all plastic and styrofoam shipping materials to be more sustainable. Unfortunately this does cost us more but we feel it's more responsible. Unless we run out and are in a pinch, we use compostable bubble mailers and cardboard boxes with tissue paper and crinkle paper as padding. 

How quickly do you ship?
We try to ship out as soon as we can - usually the next business day.


What is your return policy?
Unfortunately due to the personal nature of our products we cannot accept returns or exchanges. If you do have a problem with your order please reach out and we'll do our best to make it right. We do not offer refunds due to scents. Fragrances are subjective and while we do our best to describe them, we cannot guarantee that you will like them. 


I can get soap much cheaper at the store, why are yours so much more expensive? 
Commercial soap is rarely actual, real soap which is made through the saponification of oils. What many consider "soap" is actually mass produced synthetic detergents in a bar form. Handmade soap is much more expensive to make because it uses natural ingredients which cost more. Handmade soap is also free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates and is biodegradable. 

The soap I want is sold out. Will you be restocking?
If the soap is in our Cornerstone Collection, yes, I will be restocking. If it's a Limited Edition or in a seasonal collection it likely won't be for at least another year, if at all. So if there's a soap you like you'll want to order it right away or else it could be gone for good. If you absolutely have to have a sold out one you can order a custom loaf, but please keep in mind that there is a 6 week cure time. 

What if I have allergies to certain ingredients?
We use quite a few different ingredients and at some point one ingredient may have been in contact with another. Please be aware of all the ingredients we do use if you have allergies. If any of our products causes irritation discontinue use immediately and consult with a doctor. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out. 

A final word
It is the user's responsibility to use our products properly. This is real soap and it is for external use only. Spot test on your skin prior to use to make sure that you don't experience any reactions and/or irritation. The Raven and the Pear Soapary is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that are a result of the use or misuse of our products.